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2002 Annual Report

Margadarshi, a voluntary service organisation was formed in 1988, with the aim of providing equal access to medical, educational, vocational training, work and play to all categories of disabled.

The founders and members include persons with disabilities themselves who are pursuing their independent professions. They have taken up several initiatives and succeeded in gaining access and building rapport with the community which enable them to promote the cause of the disabled in society and taking up their cause at various fronts and to effectively convey the message that “disabled are differently able” and they too can lead a dignified life if only provided with equal opportunities”.

The association was initially formed with a view to work for the common cause of the disabled community by bringing together the affected and taking up their problems. During the first few years, the association concentrated on mobilizing membership and identifying the needy disabled.

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Address No.75/6, Hulkul Complex
Opp. Urvashi Theatre
Lalbagh Road
Bangalore 560027
Legal Status Registered under the Registration of Societies Act 1956 (of Karnataka State, India) as a charitable organisation
Registration Number and Date 601/88-89 & December 2,1988
FCRA Number and Date 094420709 & June 12,1997
80G registration number under the Income Tax Act Trust
/718/10G/80/2000-2001/ CIT II
Valid from April 1, 2000 to March 31, 2004
Contact person / Chief functionary Mr N Umakanth
Res phone: +91-80- 23402864
Off ph: +91-80-2275020/ 326

V V Shanthalakshmi
Res phone: 91-80-25532555
Off ph : 91_80_26343763
Mobile : 9448270785
email: [email protected]

Communications Phone : + 91- 80-22235810
e-mail: [email protected]

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3.1 Vision
Margadarshi started working on certain fundamental values like -

  • Every disabled person is first and foremost a human being.
  • Disabled persons should have opportunities equal to their non-disabled counterparts in all spheres of their growth.
  • Disabled should have economic independence and moderate living.

3.2 Mission
The mission of Margadarshi is to empower the needy disabled in Karnataka by providing them social, educational, medical and economic services and a strong foundation for an independent and self satisfaction.

3.3 Objectives
The objectives of the association include:

  • To assist them to find suitable jobs so as to make them self reliant and lead an independent and honourable life in the Society just as others.
  • To foster friendship and render assistance to disabled persons.
  • To promote welfare activities like providing shelter, calipers, wheel chairs,etc.
  • To encourage disabled persons to participate in sports, social and cultural activities.
  • Counseling to the disabled.

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Profiled here is a list of management committee members, most of whom are physically challenged but gainfully employed and doing volunteering work at no expense to the organization.

4.1 President
Mr. N. Umakanth (53years), a physically challenged person has been working with the Reserve Bank of India, Bangalore since 28 years. He has participated in State, National & International level sports activities. He is in charge of Administrative activities of the association and counseling.

4.2 Vice president
Mr. N Krishnamurthy (48 years), working with the Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore for the past 22 years, is responsible for establishing contacts and building the association’s network and also in the identification of needy beneficiaries. He concentrates on the Public Relations activities of the Association.

4.3 Secretary
Ms. V.V. Shanthalakshmi (44 years), working with the State Bank of India, Bangalore since 17 years, co-ordinates activities in areas of medical services (surgeries and provision of aids like calipers & wheelchairs), maintains the Home for disabled women and assists in the fund raising activities. In general she is in charge of overall activities of the association.

4.4 Treasurer
Ms. K.N. Seethalakshmi (44 years), employed with Karnataka Milk Federation, Bangalore since 18 years, is responsible for the accounting and maintenance of accounts and also assists in fund raising activities of the association and in the administration of Home for the disabled women.

4.5 Coordinators
Mr. H.T. Krishna Reddy, has been working in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for 20 years is a sports person, has participated in several sports meets for the disabled at the National and International levels and has varied experience in conducting several sports activities for the disabled at National and State level Meets for the disabled. Interested to start a integrated school.

Ms. K.M.Geethamrutha, also a member of the Committee, has involved herself fully in the activities of the Association, in furtherance of its objectives consequent upon her resigining fromVysya bank .
Working honorarily to the Association as correspondent and coordinator among our committee

Besides the above members in particular, other members in general are evincing interest in the activities of the Association and thus rendering very valuable service in promoting the objectives of the

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The association has taken several initiatives in line with its objectives of assisting its target group of beneficiaries. This includes:

5.1 Medical camps are being organized regularly to identify disabled persons in urban and rural areas of Hassan, Bangalore, Mandya and Hessarghatta chikmagalur , Hospet taluks respectively, situated in Karnataka State, India. Treatment and aid in the form of crutches, wheelchairs, calipers etc. have been provided to nearly 250 needy disabled persons. Arranging operations for children / persons whose conditions could be improved with corrective operations have also been successfully undertaken. .

5.2 Counselling the disabled on medical, educational, vocational, emotional and other issues.

5.3 Donatation of wheel chairs, calipers and crutches to the deserving people.

5.4 Providing of telephone booths to disabled persons to facilitate self-dependence which amounts to small entrepreneurial activity.

5.5 Arranging painting, cultural activities and competitions for disabled persons.

5.6 As part of its continued commitment to add value and holistic services, the association has set up a Home for the disabled women since April 1999. The Present address is

Margadarshi Home for disabled women,
# 47/1 Annaiah Reddy Road Ulsoor Bangalore 560 008. Ph 25570841.

In India in a rented building.. The Home provides shelter and food to the needy disabled women and children.

5.7 Organizing sports activities for disabled persons at State and National level.

5.8 Blood donation camps have been organized with the collections handed over to the blood bank of Red Cross Society.

5.9 The Association conduct Lectures and Workshops in schools. This has helped negate diffidence and has boosted the morale of the physically challenged students.

5.10 The Association has participated in numerous exhibitions to create an awareness about the issues and projects in its sphere of activities as also to provide a base for its fund-raising and support soliciting programmes.

5.11 Paper bags are being made at Home for the disabled women to keep the inmates engaged and also a earning media as as contributions form the inmates for the maintenance of the Home at Ulsoor.

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Margadarshi Non Government Organization (NGO) has taken several developmental activities to the
Disabled. However, this initiative could not be brought into reality without the involvement of several well-wishers & supporters including Corporate sectors who have contributed for the smooth function of the Association .

They include

  • Infosys Technologies Ltd
  • BFL Software Ltd
  • Wipro Ltd
  • GDR Software Ltd
  • BPL India Ltd
  • Swift Technologies Ltd
  • Mr. C.Narendra
  • Manipal Hopital
  • Dr. K Srinivasan
  • Dr. V P Perumal and many others.

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7.1 Proposed Projects

  • To increase the capacity of the Home in order to accommodate more people.
  • To locate a place for the Home nearer to the city for easy access to the doctors to visit and examine the patients regularly and give treatment required.
  • To establish a residential Integrated school for disabled children.
  • Establishing a vocational training centre to impart skills to potential entrepreneurs to become self-reliant.
  • The association also has plans for arranging financial assistance to self-employed disabled people.
  • To provide hostel facilities for those coming from outside Bangalore for treatment.
  • To create a centre for manufacturing items like calipers, crutches and other equipment necessary for disabled people.
  • To establish an integrated facility in its own premises comprising a Home for the disabled, vocational & rehabilitation centre etc.

7.2 Current Activities Planned

Even though the association has planned many activities to be taken up as mentioned earlier, it is not feasible to start all the activities at once. Hence the following proposals will be taken up on priority basis.

7.2.1 Increase in Support Services

During the year ahead ahead, the Association plans to step-up its overall activities in order to extend the benefits therefrom to a larger number of beneficiaries. Having successfully carried out various such projects during the past, the Margadarshi team is geared up to meet the challenges involved in carrying out projects which will include:

  • Donation of aids like crutches, braces, wheel-chairs and Tricycles etc
  • Conduct of medical camps
  • Support towards set-up of small entrepreneur enterprises
  • Conduct of sports and cultural activities
  • Conduct of Vocational Training and awareness camps

7.2.2 Re-location of the Home to more spacious premises nearer to the city

Margadarshi’s Home for the disabled is currently housed in a building situated in Bangalore. It is able to cater to around 20 inmates presently.

Vocational training programs like bag-making, tailoring, candle-making, greeting cards, and other handicrafts etc., are also proposed to be organized for the inmates as also other members of the disabled community.

7.2.3 Paper-Bags-Making

As part of its current vocational program, the association has trained inmates of its Home to make paper bags. This provides them with an opportunity to be gainfully employed and the income generated supports the programs of the Home.
Recognising the potential in the area, in line with the ban on usage of plastic bags by several governmental agencies, the Association intends to enlarge its activity. The association proposes to procure semi-automatic machines for the manufacture of paper carry bags which will enable the manufacture of higher volume and better quality of bags. The process of manufacture is simple and the inmates can be trained to handle the same. Suitable arrangements will be made for marketing the product.

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Noted here is the requirements for managing 25 disabled members at any given time.

8.1 Non-Recurring Expenditure

Sl. No. Description Amount in USD (approx)  Amount in Indian Rupee (approx)
1 For 2 acres of land $  31,000 Rs 15 lakhs
2 Construction of building $  41,000 Rs 20 lakhs
3 Ambulance $  17,000 Rs   8 lakhs
4 Car / Jeep $    6,500 Rs   3 lakhs
5 Furniture, fixtures, fans, cots, beds, dining table, water purifier, solar water heater, telephone, kitchen and other equipment for home $  10,500 Rs  5 lakhs
6 Two Computers $   2,100 Rs  1 lakh
Total $ 108,100 Rs 52 lakhs

8.2 Recurring Expenditure Per Year

Sl. No. Description Amount in USD (approx) Amount in Indian Rupees (approx)
1 Maintenance of Home (per year) $    6,500 Rs   3 lakhs
2 Office (Rent/Telephone/Utils/Misc.) $    2,100 Rs    1  lakh
3 Philanthropic activities (medical, educational, and aids) $    6,500 Rs   3 lakhs
Total $ 15,100 Rs  7 lakhs

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The activities of Margadarshi have been very much appreciated with supportive donations with a view to extending the services for the poor and needy disabled. Our efforts have been successful as our message of promoting the welfare of the disabled has gained ground in the society for the cause of disabled and provided new enthusiasm for the organization to carry forward its measures with beneficiary-centric approach and participative mechanism. In this journey of development we invite the prayers, blessings and support, both material and monetary, suggestions from everyone who are concerned for our cause.

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Appeal for Contribution
The work undertaken by Margadarshi has become only possible through the generous support of our friends and other philonthropic public. We are committed to using every rupee and cent donated to us in the most cost effective way to produce the maximum result. Please assist us to continue to support more people with disabilities to start a new life.

Brief details of the expenditure involved in the activities and projects of the Association, are furnished in the Annexure. Further details of specific projects would be furnished on request.

All donations are tax exempt in India under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Margadarshi has been registered under the Home Ministry of the Government of India, (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976) facilitating receiving of foreign contributions.

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